Tuesday, 19 October 2021

The state of the battle in the year 2021

Parkinson’s is the fastest growing neurological disease on the planet outpacing Alzheimer’s, MS, ALS and Stroke. Canada has the highest incidence of PD in the world and Manitoba has the highest incidence in Canada. 

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Monday, 18 October 2021

A Conspiracy of Doubt

There are three new pretenders in Manitoba education, Mr Clifton, Mr  Long and Mr Narth (Winnipeg Free Press October 12th 2021).   In an article, they argue that with the death of bill 64, we must revisit Manness/Mackinnon report or as I call it call it 64 Lite.


The pretenders seem to assume there is something wrong wth Manitoba schools and there is,  the curriculum does need updating, there is a lot of useless information.  In some case, there is subject matter only  useful to a child in the 1960's.

Rigidity in the curriculum and a reduction of the tyranny in the system are both required, but we'll take that up another time.

Let's start with mathematics.  The pretenders panic when they see that the gods have not seen fit to make Canada rank higher in the world rankings.  One institute that puts out such a list ranks Canada as 10th out of 72 countries (may have slipped to 11th)  while the USA is ranked 35th (may have arisen to 28)  Canada is doing well but we are not number 1 ( Singapore is #1).

We Canadians would like to be higher in the rankings, but not by Asian methods.  (look them up)  The pretenders think the answer somehow is found in standardized testing.  The don't say how tests will help but they recommend using those developed in the USA.

Hmmmm.....Canada 10th........USA........28th.

Want to explain how those tests are going to help?????       

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

...........and now we breakaway for a commercial

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Saturday, 9 October 2021

The gentle lady has PD

 I decided to take a late dinner and I was sitting at a table by myself when a couple, around my age, asked to join me.  We spoke of their farm, now being run by their son; how long we each had lived in the manor; where I was from. You know, small talk and it was during this talk that I confessed to having Parkinson's.

A soft "Me too".  The lady had PD but the only noticeable symptom was her barely discernible voice.


I now know how people hear me and I intend to get my voice up to, or near 50 decibels

 I hope get to know the couple and to share their table frequently.  I will offer help to my sister in PD.

When I arose, she looked into my eyes and said,  "Somebody (God?) sent me to this table today".

I am enough of a believer to believe.  Someone is looking over us.  


Friday, 8 October 2021

Land of ice and snow - A Canadian failure

Here is draft one of a poem concerning Canada's lack of assistance to Afghani comrades. I call it" land of ice and snow"Please comment

The man in the attic

with the run-away shoes

running to win but

is likely to lose

trying to decipher

which lane he should choose

to escape a really harsh encounter


There are only two roads

which one should he take

one stops at the airport

the other's a fake

he could last forever

if given a break

he might even live 'til tomorrow 


so he shaves off his beard

and whitens his cheeks

he has to be careful

which language he speaks

he looks in mirror

he thinks he's complete

but the mirror is broken and shattered


He tightens his runners

and pulls down his hat

his former employer

knows where he's at

but just in case

he carries a bat

But the bat's not a Louis Ville slugger



He recites the Koran

as he moves through the streets

taking some comfort

from the words he repeats

but the  Taliban's waiting

there are no retreats

and the plane is now on the runway


He throws his cheap bat 

but it misses the man

so he starts running faster

than ever he ran

he hides in a corner

to fool Taliban

and at first he seems like the winner


while hidden, he pictures

a land made of snow

and freedoms that promise

to let your mind grow

no need for translation

just let knowledge flow

and it all flows in a certain direction


Taliban raises his pistol

no warrior's word being said

without any fear of  the here-after

without any fear of the dead

Taliban twitches his finger

and sends a bullet through running man's head

he has notched another before breakfast

On the plane there is vast jubilation

as it leaves Afghani airspace

just one lonely seat being empty

a symbol of a nation's disgrace

BTW I published a book of some of my poems.  It is called "the Gate" andI believe it is available on Amazon - Sid detail in comments

Thursday, 30 September 2021

All time stats

 I had hoped to gain around 500 readers when I started this blog but I now have128991 reads.  Thank you

Thursday, 23 September 2021

A little bit of boxing helps the shakes go down

 Last evening I experienced an example of how vicious Parkinson's can be.  I reached for a bottle of water on my bedside table.  My hand started to shake uncontrollably.  This was not a tremor, it was an out and out crazy shake and I managed to knock the bottle of water off the table along with other things.  There was no controlling it, I just had to wait it out.  Eventually it subsided.  I hope never to encounter it again.

I wish I could return to boxing (balance issues).  I am sure it would help.  If you are interested in boxing, and live in or near Winnipeg, contact the CAO of U-TURN PARKINSON'S. His name is Tim, and he can be reached at 204.781.2327. Boxing (no bodily contact) seems to suppress the symptoms of Parkinson's.   All parkie patients and volunteers are welcome.

Go to their website for more info